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Villlage Beautification


This past September the Montauk Village Association was thrilled to welcome volunteers from  Reader's Digest Home & Garden who graciously donated their time and efforts to the MVA to help us beautify the Montauk village. We took advantage of their wonderful volunteering spirit and hard work and got to work launching our next project to improve upon the west side of Montauk village business district. We began removing the pebbled areas that had been in place for over thirty years. In place of the pebbles we put weed mats in place and filled these beds with beautiful fresh mulch!  It was such a great day and the corporate team from Reader's Digest who btw were having their national convention here in Montauk were wonderful workers, singing, working, pitching in and really showing a spirit of community service! Below are some photos from the day! 

This is the kind of cool stuff that happens when volunteers and the MVA get together! 


Interested in helping to donate time or $$ toward our latest projects? Contact us at mymontaukvillage@gmail.com or by calling 631-668-2000

We strongly supported having the utility wires buried and the addition of curbs, sidewalks and street lamps for safety and ease. However, the most striking innovation has been our beautiful planters and memorial trees! Deciduous trees, pines, junipers, and other evergreens chosen for their ability to thrive in Montauk's seaside climate soften your shopping neighborhood year-round! In the milder months the permanent greenery sparkles with thousands of flowers, including the striking array of Montauk daisies in the fall. Now, in selected business locations, red brick surfaces and landscaped areas replace old cement walkways in harmonious design with knock out roses, shrubs and lovely teak planters full of multicolor flowers in the summertime! We love Montauk and are proud to say it is looking FABULOUS thanks to the efforts of our proud volunteers. "Thank you."



Kirk Park - "Our pride and joy! Just at the western entrance to Montauk Village, next to the historic Second House museum on the shores of Fort Pond, are three verdant acres, owned by the Town of East Hampton, but carefully maintained by the MVA. Kirk Park is one of Montauk's most unique and beautiful spots. Named in honor of Dr. Norman Kirk, a former surgeon general of the US Army and a pioneer in military medicine, this small gem of quiet upland and wetland provides a scenic place to picnic and is host to many civic affairs. Nature lovers and bird watchers can enjoy plants and waterfowl native to our area while sitting in quiet reflection on one of the many benches. A floating pavilion invites us to relax with a fine view of the water and provides shelter for skaters in the winter months when the pond is frozen. Fort Pond is part of Montauk's amazing and natural beauty and is scrupulously protected by the MVA.

Eradicating Eyesores - Liter, junk, old cars, derilict boats, abandoned structures, tawdry signs...Removing the ugly is, you'll agree just as important as preserving the beautiful! The MVA has no enforcement powers but we work diligently and successfully with public authorities to uphold our township's strict zoning codes, to curb vandalism, to control air and water pollution and beach erosion, and to keep our land an coastline free of the unsightly clutter so offensive to residents and visitors alike.




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